What is Memory Foam?

The technical name for Memory Foam used in our Memory Foam Mattresses and Memory Foam Toppers is VISCO ELASTIC which is made from a special formulated Polyurethane.  It is widely regarded as being invented by NASA in the 1960’s to improve the safety of the cushioned seats on their aircraft. It was not until the early eighties that NASA disclosed this information to the public. Nowadays Memory Foam is commonly used for bed mattresses and toppers as well as pillows.

Memory Foam sold in the UK have several different densities ranging from 20kg through to a higher quality 50kg and occasionally even higher densities. The density of the Memory Foam is basically measured by the One cubic metre block of that foam.  The weight of the cubic metre foam determines the density classification of the foam.  The weight of memory foam varies due to the amount of cell structure of the foam. Generally the more the weight of the foam the higher the density it will be and the higher the density the more cells in the structure. The cell structure will determine the durability of the mattress. Visco elastic can also be temperature sensitive.

Cubic Metre

Most Memory Foam Toppers and the element of memory foam in such Mattresses are cut from 5cm (approx 2 inches) to 10cm (approx 4 inches) of memory foam. If it’s a quality topper it will have just memory foam throughout but a memory foam mattress may come with another layer attached underneath the memory foam which is a support foam. The reason for this is that after 10cm of visco elastic foam the mattress becomes very soft to sleep on therefore the support foam adds firmness to the mattress. When choosing a mattress it’s handy to know that a 10cm layer of foam will feel less firm and a 5cm layer of memory foam will feel firmer.


One of the advantages of memory foam is that it helps support your body, relieving pressure from joints and the spine. As the body rests on the mattress it will find and mould to its individual position which can also help tossing and turning through the night. Many people have enjoyed the health benefits to be gained from memory foam.